Why bladeless?

6 reasons for choosing a bladeless fan

Due to the patented technology the Exhale fan is able to create a gentle relaxing breeze all around the room. 

1 - The Exhale fan is quiet, even at maximum speed its sound volume lies between 40 and 45 decibels.

2 - The Exhale fan provides financial savings thanks to its patented technology combining energy efficiency and the maintenance of a constant temperature, functioning perfectly alongside your air conditioning or your heating.

Energy savings up to -38% USA Study 2013

3 - The Exhale fan has a calming effect. Even at high speed it does not blow papers around, you can relax or work in peace!

4 - The Exhale fan is elegant. Its refined spherical style, with no visible screws, fits in perfectly with all styles of interior.

5 - The Exhale fan is a real alternative between air conditioning and the traditional ceiling fan.

6 - The Exhale fan is easy to instal.

bladeless ceiling fan

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Bladeless ceiling fan and the 360° Vortex AirFlow

The bladeless Exhale fan creates a 360° VORTEX airflow by drawing in air from below and redirecting it out over the whole area of the room. The temperature is stabilized in 90 seconds.  Reduce your impact through thermal destratification (find out more below).

Destratification: diffusion of the air all around the room

The air is distributed around the room in only 90 seconds with the Exhale fan. The real technological innovation lies in the air flow (Vortex) distributed at 360 degrees to achieve total ventilation of the room. The multi-directional flow is felt all over the room and creates a relaxing environment to all its occupants.

exhale fan heat distribution