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Exhale fan (without LEDs)

Find out about the first bladeless vortex ceiling fan! Thanks to its vortex system the ideal temperature is distributed around the room in only 90 seconds. Functions in small and large rooms (up to 100m2) with 6m ceiling height.

The model without LEDs is often insalled in areas with a high ceiling which does not need extra lighting. The Exhale fan is also used in professional contexts.

Order your Exhale fan without LEDs

If you wish to instal a model with light, we advise the Exhale fan with LEDs

comparison between bladeless fan et traditional fan

Technical characteristics of the Exhale fan

Dimensions: Height 18 cm – Diameter 86,4 cm

Weight: 11.4kg

Colour: White

Remote control: at 6 speeds

Sound volume: from 27db to 40db

Airflow displaced: 115 803 litres per minute (115 m3/min)

Air speed = 4.38 meters per second

Warranty (parts): Fan: life; motor: 5 years.


Price: €690 incl.tax (with LEDS option €699 incl.tax)


Electricity consumption and noise level

Level 1: 4 Watts, 120 rpm, 27* dB

Level 2: 6 Watts, 158 rpm, 31,5* dB

Level 3: 9 Watts, 198 rpm, 37,5* dB

Level 4: 16 Watts, 236 rpm, 38,1* dB

Level 5: 36 Watts, 274 rpm, 38,7* dB

Level 6: 50 Watts, 312 rpm, 40* dB

*With the optional removable Typhoon fins.  The ventilation is 25 to 40% more effective with a slight increase in dB


IMG Ventilateur Exhale blanc dans un salon
IMG Ventilateur Exhale noir
IMG Ventilateur Exhale chambre d'enfant
IMG Ventilateur Exhale dans un restaurant japonais au Portugal

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