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You work in a fitness or well-being centre. You are looking to ventilate your space in an efficient manner in order to eliminate moisture and enhance the atmosphere for your members. Have an Exhale bladeless ceiling fan fitted! 

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4 reasons to choose Exhale so that your members can workout in all tranquility

1. Anti-humidity

Thanks to the constant circulation of the air in the room, the Exhale fan eliminates all moisture and prevents the development of any mould.

2. Ecology and economy

The Exhale fan is ecological and needs a great deal less energy than a traditional air-conditioning unit. Its DC motor uses up to 80% less electricy than an AC motor.

Added to which it can function alongside heating or air-conditioning units while reducing their workload and running costs all year round.


3. Thermal regulator

In all seasons, the Exhale fan maintains an ideal temperature in all 4 corners of a room up to 6m in height. For rooms of a larger surface area, 2 fans spinning in opposite directions (figure of 8 effect between the 2 fans) in order to maintain a homogenous thermal regulation. It is possible therefore to regulate the temperature in very large areas by multiplying the number of fans.

Ventilating sport and fitness center

4. Design and efficiency

The sleek and spherical Exhale fan, without visible screws, fits in perfectly with a high-tech sporting context. Its ingenious system provides maximum comfort thanks to a multidirectional yet silent ventilation (Vortex) (40-45b)

bladeless fan for sport hall
ventilating sport hall with ceiling fan

Which model to choose?

Ceiling fan without blades

Exhale fan (without LED)

ceiling fan with led light

Exhale fan with LED

second-hand bladeless fan

Second-hand models

Patented technological innovation

The real technological innovation lies in the air flow (Vortex) distributed at 360 degrees to achieve total ventilation of the room. The multi-directional flow is felt all over the room and creates a relaxing environment to all its occupants.

Exhale fan with Typhoon fins

The (removable) Typhoon fins are fitted between the blades of the fan resulting in increased ventilation efficiency to between 25 and 40%. The fan spins more slowly and uses even less energy. 

Typhoon fins for ceiling fan


How does it work?

The VORTEX effect, an efficient patented innovation

The Exhale fan is unique in that it creates a VORTEX effect by drawing in air from below and redirecting it out at 360 degrees for a total ventilation over the whole area of the room.

Thanks to its high efficiency motor and its competitive design, the high speed air displacement reaches 115 m3 per minute (i.e. 115 803 litres per minute). But over and above the technical characteristics, the real difference remains in the Vortex effect created. During use, the airflow increases resulting in the major effect of stabilising the temperature in the room.

exhale fan air blower

Every detail counts

See the schema listing all the elements of the Exhale fan here: How the Exhale fan is composed.

DC electricity supply for lower consumption: we have developed an exclusive DC motor to maintain a maximum rotation speed (more than 300rpm) with an optimal efficiency. DC motors are ecological compared to their equivalent AC models. They use between 50 and 80% less electricity!

A motor stemming from space technology: our motor was developed with an ingenious turbine stemming from space technology. It reproduces the function of an aeroplane jet engine. Its technicality guarantees a free air flow through our ceiling fan.

Disks which create a 360 degree Vortex effect: the air molecules are ejected out by centrifugal force. When one is ejected, another takes its place on entering by the centre, its the Vortex effect. While ejecting the air at 360 degrees, the Exhale fan gradually transforms its environment into a place of perfect comfort in all seasons!

Exemplary finish: we wished to preserve the refined style by a careful design such that no screw nor bolt should be seen from any angle, resulting in a fan with unique design and efficiency.

LEDs (optional): this ceiling fan is available with or withot LEDs (2 models).

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: Height 18 cm – Diameter 86,4 cm

Weight: 11.4kg

Colour: White

Remote control: at 6 speeds

Sound volume: from 27 db to 40 db

Airflow displaced: 115 803 litres per minute (115 m3/min)

Warranty (parts): Fan: life; motor: 5 years.


Electricity consumption and noise level

Level 1: 4 Watts, 120 rpm, 27* dB

Level 2: 6 Watts, 158 rpm, 31,5* dB

Level 3: 9 Watts, 198 rpm, 37,5* dB

Level 4: 16 Watts, 236 rpm, 38,1* dB

Level 5: 36 Watts, 274 rpm, 38,7* dB

Level 6: 50 Watts, 312 rpm, 40* dB

*With the optional removable Typhoon fins.  The ventilation is 25 to 40% more effective with a slight increase in dB

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