I - Installation of the Exhale fan


Tutoriel for the installation of the Exhale fan 

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Fitting an Exhale fan on a double ceiling and uneven surfaces

There are two solutions to fit the Exhale fan on a double ceiling (given that the fan plus motor weighs 11 kilos).

1 - The first consists of placing a thin, light sheet of Opalin (pvc) 50cm x 50cm to increase the area which supports the weight.

  • The support is fixed on the double ceiling with toggle wallplug (e.g. Molly brand at Castorama see photo)
  • The pvc sheet is hidden by the fan which is opaque in order to retain the esthetic finish.

2 - The second method, the safest, is to start by method 1 above but using 4 to 8 fairly long threaded rods in order to reach the ceiling concrete. The pvc support is thus fixed to the ceiling concrete for maximum stability and safety.

  • Drill through the double ceiling with a drill bit able to reach the concrete, fix the brass wall plugs and screw the threaded rods on the (Molly) brass wall plugs.
  • The pvc sheet is hidden by the fan which is opaque in order to retain the esthetic finish.

See below: threaded rods and expansion wall plugs

threaded rods
expansion wall plugs
double ceiling threaded rods

Double ceiling kit, supplied with the Exhale fan.

double ceiling kit, supplied with the Exhale fan

Can it be installed on a sloping ceiling?  What is the maximum slope in degrees?

As with all ceiling fans, it is recommended that they are placed on a flat roof.  If you still wish to place it on a sloping roof we strongly advise you against an angle of more than 30°

You can also instal your fan on a stem (with a sheet of pvc at the end of the stem if the latter does not have one)

Stems and fittings can be found here (or at the specialised store of your choice) : www.yak-ventilateur.com/tiges-de-prolongation-c102x1770823

In the latter case, we would remind you that the diameter of the fan is 86cms

We recommend that you have this type of installation done by a professional.

exhale sloping ceiling installation
sloping ceiling and exhale fan

Installation of the fan by a professional

If you do not wish to instal your fan by yourself, you can have it done by an electrician (as with a traditional ceiling fan).

See the list of professional fitters: List of certified Exhale fitter.


II - Logistics and payment


Delivery period

In general, we deliver within 8 days after reception of your order.

Contact us for further information


Payment in several instalments

Solutions for payment in several instalments are available.

The 3D safe site allows an automatic payment to be made in 3 instalments without costs and without bank formalities. 



III - Functioning and use


Can I leave my Exhale fan on permanently?

The Exhale fan was designed to operate 24/24h. At speed 1 (120 rpm) the energy consumption is only 4 watts. Thanks to its very silent system you will probably not even notice that it is functioning.


How do you clean and maintain an Exhale Fan ?

Easy! To extend your Exhale fan life duration and make it look its best, you can use the following cleanup tools :

  • Static Duster
  • Magic Wipes
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Small brush to dust and clean between the disks

Our favorite method is by using a popular electro-magnetic duster, which can be added to a wand to reach high places. Running it along the outside and inside discs will collect any accumulated dust. You can also use a miniblind duster, a vacuum attachment, or a microfiber cloth.

how to clean an exhale fan

Must the filter be changed?  How often?

There is no filter to change on the Exhale fan.

There are no exchangeables (worn parts) to change on the Exhale fan.


Heating appliances:  We have a wood fire and would like to use a fan in order to prevent the heat from rising to the ceiling.

The Exhale fan is particularly adapted to even out the temperatures in a room. Therefore it is perfectly adapted to function alongside a fireplace, a fire insert or a stove. As far as possible, instal the Exhale near the wood fire for optimum efficiency.

All around the heat zone, the temperature is particularly high. Thanks to the Exhale fan, the circulated air stays at a regular temperature near the heat source.


Does the Exhale fan work on 230v electricity supply?

All the fans that we deliver in France and in Europe are effectively 230v (EC standards). There is nothing particular to be done with regard to the electricity.

Find more information on the technical characteristics: energy consumption, noise level


Does the remote control have an on/off button or must an electrical switch be fitted?

The remote control

  • has an ON/OFF button for the light (which can function without or without the ventilation)
  • allows the light intensity to be regulated from 20 to 100%.
  • controls the speed of the fan (up to 6 different speeds)

It is possible to connect a ceiling fan with an ON/OFF switch for the electricity supply but it is not compulsory since the remote control is totally independent.

Exhale fan remote control