Learn about the Exhale fan

The air is distributed around the room in only 90 seconds with the Exhale fan. The real technological innovation lies in the air flow (Vortex) distributed at 360 degrees to achieve total ventilation of the room. The multi-directional flow is felt all over the room and creates a relaxing environment to all its occupants.

Discover how the Exhale fan works and why a bladeless model is a better choice than a traditional model!

How it works

How does the Exhale fan work?

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Why bladeless?

Why do we offer a ceiling fan without blades?

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Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the Exhale fan

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The destratification, the Typhoon fins, the Vortex effect, the network operation, the figure of 8 effect, lumen output. 

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Find all the frequently asked questions from our customers and our detailed replies!

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