Exhale all year round

Exhale Fans Europe recommends the use of the fan all year round, alongside heating and air conditioning. The constant circulation of the air is preventing from the development of mould. The bladeless fan thus works alongside your appliances (heating and air conditioning) while reducing their workload and running costs. 

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ceiling fan destratification

Exhale in summer

Thanks to its unique ventilation action - lateral rather than vertical - Exhale brings a gentle breeze-like ventilation which can be felt everywhere in the room, rather than a strong localised wind. It is much more pleasant and comfortable (and better for your health)

Exhale can thus be installed in bedrooms or small spaces (office, library, games room)

When it is used along with air conditioning, it improves the efficiency of the latter and thereby reduces the energy costs of the air-conditioning up to -38% (USA study, Purdue University, 2015)

fan ventilation action

Exhale in winter

Thanks to its unique destratification action, Exhale can be used alongside a wood stove or a fireplace in order to distribute the heat evenly throughout the room

heater and exhale fan in winter

Bladeless fan placed on a high ceiling (7 meters) to distribute the heat throughout the house:

fan fireplace and high ceiling

The Exhale efficiency

  • Exhale destratifies
  • Exhale ventilates the whole room
  • Exhale is preventing from the development of mould
  • Exhale imroves the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning appliances
  • Exhale reduces the difference in temperature in the room from floor to ceiling

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