Exhale Europe launches bladeless ceiling fan – Hotel F&B

Article published on Hotel F&B Magazine, January 2018

hotel bladeless ceiling fan

Exhale Europe launches bladeless ceiling fan

Exhale Europe has launched a ceiling fan without blades wich distributes the air evenly in the whole room (360 degrees). 

Its system provides maximum comfort thanks to silent ventilation, which redistributes the air and ventilates the entire room.

The secret of this innovation lies in the flow of air (Vortex) spread at 360 degree in order to ventilate the entire room. The airflow is not directed downwards, but thanks to a smoothly circular airflow, all over the place.

The engineers have worked on the design so that there is no visible screw or bolt, no matter from which angle we are looking at the fan. Just like its unique efficiency. Exhale fan is seducing by its refined shape wich fits perfectly any interior design style.


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