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Pierre – France – 2017/06

"Since it is getting warm, we have been spleeping with the Exhale fan on speed 2. It’s almost imperceptible (no noise) and the air comes from everywhere (breeze effect). It’s very pleasant and refreshing.– Pierre

Chris R – Switzerland – 2018/05

« We bought this product in June 2017, we are so satisfied with it that we will buy another one for this summer 2018. During our first purchase, the exchanges with the Exhale representative were very pleasant, professional and reactive. The delivery to Switzerland was fast and without any problem. We regularly enjoy the fresh air produced by this fan, without the annoyance of the traditional fan unpleasant air flow and all that is silent. What a delight! Thanks to the whole team. » – Chris R

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Mariette T – France – 2017/10

"Thrilled with this Purchase
I have a very high ceiling - The exhale can channel the flow of hot air and redirect it downwards. the room is now perfectly tempered !
The flow is ultra soft and quiet.
I chose "warm white" lighting, with adjustable light intensity (20% to 100%) : It is th best !
Beautiful design. Perfect packaging.
" – Mariette T

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Thierry L – France – 2017/09

"I bought this product in September, received it quickly, easy to install, very quiet, very homegeneous ventilation, consumes almost no power and with the dimmer LED option, it's really good. This product is the best of the best. In addition, the professionalism of Exhale Europe is excellent. Thank You– Thierry L

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Rita – Belgium

"The fan looks great and works like a dream :) " – Rita

Olivier B – France – 2017/10

I have installed the new exhale fan. I am very happy for several reasons: :

  • No noise
  • No "unpleaseant" rotation to look at like on old bladed fans
  • Very nice look...many of my friends were impressed by the design
  • The ooptional LED light is very effective, it s not a gadget
  • Air flow diffusion is very soft and homogeneous
  • And cherry on the cake : the remote is very convenient and easy to use.

I highly recommend this purchase." – Olivier B

Martin – USA

"A BIG thanks to the folks at Exhale Fans! Wonderful product, easy install! Total time spent installing from dropping the old fan to installing the Exhale? Only 25 minutes!" – Martin 

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Ian – USA

"Winters In Vermont are very cold. My house burs wood for heating our boiler. The new Exhale fans in our home saved us $ 1000 in one winter season and we burned 40% less wood. Simply Amazing!" – Ian

David – USA

"While doing some remodeling and looking for ideas, my wife stumbled across after watching some videos and getting more information, she decided she waned one. I on the other was against it. Of course, being married, I lost the battle. Today, our fan was finally installed. All I can say is WOW. Myself along with my contractor were completely amazed with the airflow this fan puts out. I highly recommend for people to put out the few extra dollars and be happy. A added bonus is the doesn’t hang down low. So swaying or ducking to prevent from running in low hanging fans are gone" – David

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Gary – USA

"I bought 4 fans about 6 months ago for 4 different apartments. Everyone comments on how amazingly quiet they are. We have found that we are actually using the air conditioning less and the fans more. I have spoken to the company a couple of times to ask questions and their service is excellent. I have nothing but praise for Exhale Fans.– Gary

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Sandra – UK

"Our new Exhale Fan with light sits perfectly above our pool table. It is quiet, creates a breeze that doesn’t interfere with the game (like a regular fan would). We couldn’t be happier with it!– Sandra

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Elise – USA

"I sleep all night. I used to wake up hot or cold, but now I'm completely comfortable. I can even feel this under my sheets!" Our fan doesn't "blow down" on you - it creates a breeze from the side.– Elise

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